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Instance Properties view :

This view makes it possible to filter unselected objects and to modify instance's properties.

From "Edit" Menu.
View presentation
Instance properties :

The Album manager present to user a synthetic view of the selected instance properties.

1 Instance name.
2 Instance's vertices number.
3 Instance's faces number.
4 Reverse instance's normals.
5 Assign a shader to the instance
6 Instance list of materials.
7 Current material.
8 Instance's materials number
9 Close the Instance view.


Material's properties.

Material properties window makes it possible to edit material's properties with real time preview.

1 Material name.
2 Material preview.
3 Ambient Color.
4 Diffuse Color.
5 Specular Color.
6 Emissive Color.
7 Shiness.
8 Transparency.
9 Texture usage.
10 Cancel current modifications.
11 Apply current modification to scene material.