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GLC_Player Interface.
The Tool bar
Menu File

With the File tool bar, it's possible to create a new Album, to open an album, to save current Album and to open 3D models in order to add them in the current Album.

predifined view

With the named view tool bar, it's possible to applies these specified view (8 Iso views and Front, Back, Left, Right, Top and Down view).

View Manip

With the viewpoint manipulation tool bar it's possible to :

  • Reframe current 3D model in main view.
  • Reframe on the selected objects.
  • Change the navigation mode.
  • Zoom in or zoom out.

More informations about 3D navigation.

With the visibility tool bar it's possible to :

  • Show / Hide selected objects.
  • Swap between visible and no visible space.

With the render mode tool bar it's possible to :

  • Going to shade render mode.
  • Going to wireframe render mode.
The Album and model Manager .

With the album manager, you can manage 3D models.

  • Loaded.
  • In loading.
  • In waiting to be loaded.
  • In error.

More informations about the album manager.

With the model manager, you can view the structure of current model and select objects. Selection between structure and the main view is synchronized.

More information about model manager.

The Main View

With the main view, it's possible to view the current 3D model and to change current viewpoint.

More informations about 3D navigation.

Camera properties.

The camera properties windows permit to view and modify current model's camera properties.

Camera properties are stared in album for each model.

Selection properties.

The selection properties window show :

  • Selected object name.
  • Number of faces and vertices of selected object.
  • Number of material of selected object.

Moreover, it's possible to reverse selected object normals and to show or hide selected object.

More information about instance properties.