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GLC_Player settings
General Settings:
  • Language choice : English or French.
  • Display info panel (Main view bottom)
  • Confirm on exit.
Album manager Settings :
  • Display Thumbnails
  • Size of thumbnails.
OpenGL Settings:
  • Show genral Opengl informations.
  • Show usage of Opengl extensions.
  • Activate or not Vbo extension.
  • Activate or not Shader extension.
  • Activate or not selection shader.

Comments about Opengl extenions :

  • If the graphic card is not made by NVIDIA, Vbo and Shader are desactivated by default.
  • If Vertex Buffer Object (VBO) (OpenGL 1.4) extension is not used, GLC_Player use Vertex Array (OpenGL 1.1).
  • If OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) (OpenGL 2.0) extension is not used, GLC_Player's shaders are desactivated.
  • If Frame Buffer Object extension is not used, screenshot quality will be degaded.