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GLC_Player usage
  • 3D models visualization in : COLLADA V1.4, 3DXML V3 & V4 (Ascii), OBJ, 3DS, STL (Ascii + binary), OFF and COFF format.
  • Visualization and management of many 3D models.
  • Production of quality snapshots for illustration with the possibility to modify materials properties and apply shaders.
  • Production of multi-shots (Turning table).
  • Production of album in html format
  • Création d'album au format html.

All of these fonctionalities are available under Linux, Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and Windows XP & VISTA.

3D model visualization :

3D modeling software like Maya or 3dsmax are powerful tools. This power make them heavy and hard to use. GLC_Player is simple to use, lightweight and able to load several heavy textured 3D models or several handred of light models with accurate rendering.

Visualization, classification and management of a large number of 3D models :

These functionalities :

  • Opening large number of models.
  • Loading model in a background thread.
  • Quick swapping between models.
  • Thumbnails list visualization of loaded models.
  • Bringing models together in album.
  • Models and album exportation in another folder with attached files management (textures and materials).

Make of GLC_Player the ideal tools to viualize and manage 3D models.

Snapshot production for illustration purpose :

The advanced snapshot capabilities, the materials modification and the rendering cababilities bring GLC_Player to be a powerful tool to produce images for illustration purpose.

Html album creation :

With GLC_Player the production of an html (xhtml) album is very easy. The generated xhtml is simple as possible in order to be integrated in a web site.